Drone Services

Put your land in the spotlight with high resolution images and video that keep you ahead of the competition.


Our frame and frameless dump trailers can handle any load. Mileage restrictions may apply.

Manure, gravel, stone, topsoil, mulch

$95.00 Per Hour


$0.13 Per Bushel

Land Application

Your land's needs are always changing. That's why we spread solid manure, lime, gypsum and eggshells—to keep your soil fortified all year long. Must be within 250 mile radius of Lewisburg, Ohio

Spreading only

$7.25 per ton

Stacking and Spreading

$9.25 per ton

Rossburg Ohio Poultry Manure

Can sign verification forms for organic growers.

$18.00 per ton

All Other Poultry Manures

$20 per ton

Piqua Lime

$15.25 per ton


$19.00 per ton


$11.54 per ton

Pioneer Seed

Let us be your one-stop shop, with national yield setting seed corn and Xtend, Glyphosate tolerant, Non GMO and Liberty soybeans. Don’t forget to ensure a profitable harvest with our Pioneer Seed Treatment—we’re proud to offer a 100% replant guarantee on all full rate treated soybeans.

During these times, you need people you can trust to help navigate all the options available. We know it can be difficult choosing the right products, but our team of experienced agriculturists have the knowledge to find the right coverage for your farm!

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