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You have a farm. And the vision to build it into one of Ohio's most successful farms. It will have the best crops, rear the finest breeds of livestock and make a lot of money.

Employees will be happy, your family will be happy, and you'll be a satisfied farmer at the end of every season.

You know it'll take a lot of hard work but you're passionate, driven, and willing to embark on the journey. Since it's also going to be a long journey, you've already started considering all the things that might go wrong. Or perhaps you haven't.

But everyone knows that droughts, hurricanes, storms, pests, and diseases have been the oldest enemy known to farmers since the beginning of time. And to every living man and woman - since no one can survive without food.

Yet your farm is exposed to a lot of these risks. And since you'll be investing a lot into its future, you need a plan that guarantees its survival if anything happens.

So you turn to an insurance agency for help. But it's a general agency that lacks specialists who understand the needs of farmers and know the complexities of crop insurance. Luckily, before you commit, you cross paths with an older farmer who advises you to buy from a crop insurance agency instead. He's right. But what's crop insurance?


Not just crop insurance specialists behind a desk...we are real agriculturists! This advantage is what helps us understand your crop insurance needs. It is common that farmers may not fully understand their coverage and overpay for what they don't need. We provide personalized insurance evaluation to ensure you're only paying for what you need. Dynamic Land Application is proud to offer Multi Peril Crop (MPCI) insurance.

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Crop insurance is a special kind of insurance product bought as protection against devastating farm losses caused by incidents beyond your control - diseases, storms, hail, floods, yield, and even revenue from your crops, livestock, and other farm produce.

But can a single insurance company really cover all these risks? What if there's a widespread catastrophe in Ohio and thousands of farmers are affected; will a private insurance company be able to pay its farmer clients then?

No. And that's exactly why the Federal government partners with private crop insurance firms to offer this product to farmers. The Feds subsidize around 62 percent of your crop insurance premiums.


Buying crop insurance isn't just boring for most, it can also get frustratingly complex. And worse – you could get ripped off at claim time when buying from an ignorant insurance company. But that's where we come in - we don't just love selling crop insurance, we're very good at it. With Dynamic Land Application's crop insurance services, you can sleep well at night knowing that your business is secure.

Dynamic Land Application is a leading agro services company in Ohio offering multi-peril crop insurance products to help farmers survive the dark times. Our team's not just made of crop insurance specialists but also agronomic experts who get the unique needs of farmers in Ohio. We've spent the last 25 years helping 358 farming communities excel and thrive.

Are we the right crop insurance agency for you? Yes, and here's why.

  1. Buying crop insurance isn’t just boring for most, it can also get frustratingly complex. And worse – you could get ripped off at claim time when buying from an ignorant insurance company. But that’s where we come in – we don’t just love selling crop insurance, we’re very good at it. With Dynamic Land Application’s crop insurance services, you can sleep well at night knowing that your business is secure.

  2. Since crop insurance is complex and characterized by fast-changing guidelines, our specialists constantly keep close tabs on what’s happening to help you make the best decisions.

  3. We specialize in crop insurance. Meaning you’ll be buying from folks who eat, live and breathe crop insurance.


Multi-peril insurance is a type of crop insurance that protects crops from various kinds of disasters. We offer this product because it's highly valuable to most farmers in Ohio, helping them survive possible losses from hail, diseases, heavy rain, etc.

Want to know how much the MPCI coverage costs? Sign up for a free consultation with our crop insurance experts today and get all the answers you need.


Spending a few minutes learning about crop insurance will definitely help you make better buying decisions. And what better way to start than studying the meaning of common crop insurance terms?

Here’s a snippet from AgriLife Extension’s comprehensive crop insurance glossary that will get you started:

The material for the crop year is available for public inspection in the office of the crop insurance agency and is published on RMA’s website ( These documents show available coverage levels, the information needed to determine amounts of insurance, premium rates, premium adjustment percentages, practices, particular types or varieties of the insurable crop, insurable acreage, and other information about crop insurance in the county.

The form must be completed by the insured and accepted by the insurance company before insurance coverage will commence. This form must be completed and filed in the office of the crop insurance agency not later than the sales closing date of the initial insurance year for each crop for which insurance coverage is requested. If insurance coverage is canceled or terminated for any reason, including but not limited to indebtedness, suspension, debarment, disqualification, cancellation by insured or insurer, or violation of the controlled substance provisions of the Food Security Act of 1985, a new application must be filed for the crop. Insurance coverage will not be provided if the insured is ineligible under the contract or under any federal statute or regulation.

The part of the crop insurance policy contains provisions specific to catastrophic risk protection.

The part of the policy that contains the specific provisions of insurance for each insured crop. Insured crop. The crop in the county for which coverage is available under the policy as shown on the application accepted by the insurance company.

The agreement between the insured and the insurer to insure an agricultural commodity. It consists of the accepted application, the Basic Provisions, the Crop Provisions, the Special Provisions, other applicable endorsements or options, the actuarial documents for the insured agricultural commodity, and the applicable regulations published in the Federal Register. Insurance for each agricultural commodity in each county will constitute a separate policy.

The part of the policy that contains specific provisions of insurance for each insured crop that may vary by geographic area.

The insurance company’s statement to the insured, based upon the acreage report, specifying the insured crop and the guarantee or amount of insurance coverage provided by unit.

A document that alters designated terms of a policy as authorized under the Basic Provisions, the Crop Provisions, or the Special Provisions for the insured crop.

A process used to determine production guarantees.

A level of coverage greater than catastrophic risk protection. Administrative fee. An amount the insured must pay for catastrophic risk protection and additional coverage for each crop year and the Catastrophic Risk Protection Endorsement.

The actual production history (APH) yield, calculated and approved by the verifier, which is used to determine the production guarantee. The approved yield is calculated by summing the yearly actual, assigned, adjusted or unadjusted transitional yields and dividing the sum by the number of yields in the database, which will always contain at least four and as many as ten consecutive crop years of actual or assigned yields. The approved yield may have yield adjustments elected under the Basic Provisions or other limitations according to FCIC-approved procedures applied when calculating the approved yield.

The insurance provided by a policy against loss of production or value, by unit, as shown on the summary of coverage. Catastrophic risk protection. The minimum level of coverage offered by the FCIC that is required to qualify for certain other USDA program benefits unless the insured waives eligibility for emergency crop loss assistance in connection with the crop.

The amount of loss incurred before insurance coverage begins, determined by subtracting the coverage level percentage the insured chose from 100 percent. For example, if the insured elected a 65 percent coverage level, the deductible would be 35 percent (100% – 65% = 35%).

The value of a crop, or of a type or variety of a crop (if the applicable crop policy allows the insured the option to separately insure individual crop types or varieties), equal to 10 percent or more of the total value of the share of all crops grown in the county the previous crop year, or that the insured expects to grow in the current crop year. However, an amount is not considered economically significant if the expected liability under the Catastrophic Risk Protection Endorsement is equal to or less than the administrative fee required for the crop or the crop type or variety.

The amount contained in the Special Provisions, or an addendum thereto, that is the value per pound, bushel, ton, carton or other applicable unit of measure for the purposes of determining premium and indemnity under the policy.

The number of pounds, bushels, tons, cartons or other applicable units of measure determined by multiplying the approved yield per acre by the coverage level percentage the insured elects.

During these times, you need people you can trust to help navigate all the options available. We know it can be difficult choosing the right products, but our team of experienced agriculturists have the knowledge to find the right coverage for your farm!

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